Saturday, March 26, 2005

Damn Target...

And yet again, Target pisses me off... I checked my schedule for the week after next, and they gave me 4 days again. Not just any 4 days either; they gave me sun, mon, tue, and friday. So that means my work schedule for the next 2 weeks is: Monday the 28th, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Friday the 8th. Alfredo is such a bastard. And we got a new guy, so it makes no freaking sense for them to keep giving me so many days when we got another person and I only want 2 days a week. Fuckers!

Man, that place really frustrates me sometimes. On the other hand, the paycheck is nice after working a lot of hours. I picked up my paycheck the other night and it was $324. That's nice. After I deposit my next check, I'll have over a grand in my checking account. Still, I only want 2 days a week so I can have more time to do homework, hang out with friends, and just relax and have more free time in general.

We didn't get out of work until midnight tonight, which sucked. I called Andrew when I got out and he wanted me to come over and party with him, Sam, and a few other people. By the time I got home, everyone had left his place. He ended up coming over and he's passed out on my living room floor now. His car is at Sam's place, but his keys are at his place. His dad dropped him off here. So, now I'll probably end up having to give him a ride to his place then to Sam's, which kinda sucks. I want to hang out with Drew and Sam tomorrow. I also want to go to Brian's party later tomorrow night. I don't know if my parents are going to let me stay there, though. It might work out if Donald could borrow his mom's car or something. He could go with me to the party, and not drink, and then he could drop me off at home. That might work out. Then the next day, I have to spend they day with my family, which would only be a problem if I am hung over. I'll probably be fine as long as I don't drink too too much ;)

OK, well I better go brush my teeth and see if I can get Drew to wake up so we can go upstairs. Until next time...


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